How We Can Help

Tax Planning and Preparation

CPAs at DJA Suncoast are experienced at handling tax services for individuals, businesses, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts and more. But our work goes beyond a simple tax return, of which we handle more than 1,200 a year. One of our partners will personally supervise your account. Everything we do is geared toward making the process as easy as possible for you, while maximizing your return options.

We understand that today’s tax laws are complicated, and those complications shouldn’t interfere with your ability to get the most out of your return in a stress-free way. Our CPAs make a concerted effort to stay knowledgeable on Florida’s rules and regulations to give you peace of mind.

The decisions you make throughout the year can have an effect on your tax liability. DJA Suncoast is here to assist you before and after April. Our personal touch and dedication to lowering your tax liability will help keep more of your money in your own pocket.

Business Accounting and Advisory

DJA Suncoast helps businesses attain their financial goals in multiple ways. Our work lets owners spend more time building their company and creating better relationships with their clients and employees. We provide a full range of business accounting services, including:

Business Valuations: Our CPAs have years of experience preparing valuations in buy/sell arrangements. Our valuations are accurate, and we follow strict procedures to reach our conclusions. We can also help organize your infrastructure to reduce your tax exposure, as well as help with litigation support and estate-tax purposes.

Payroll Taxes: Businesses of all sizes trust us with preparing payroll taxes on a quarterly and annual basis, and sales taxes on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Financial Consulting

Successfully navigating your financial life requires different viewpoints and strategies. We can help you plan and obtain your goals through our consulting services.

Personal & Small Business: You can spend more time focusing on your family or business as we actively search for ways to increase your budget by achieving higher revenues, and by implementing ways to cut expenses.

Estate Planning: Our firm possesses decades of knowledge around estate planning, and our partners will work tirelessly to ensure your legacy is left in the exact manner you want.

Fiduciary Services

Our firm understands the significance of acting as your financial agent or personal representative. We regularly assist in the collection and accounting of income and dispersal of payments. When you work with DJA Suncoast, you’re working with the absolute best possible stewards of your estate or trust. We also have experience operating as the trustee of a living or testamentary trust.